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PROFI line cutting tables


Basic characteristics

ALFATEC cutting table PROFI line with sectional extraction type are characterized by a very high-quality, robust construction. The method of extraction of harmful fumes is solved using a special sectional extraction table (with 2 to 6 independent sections, depending on the size of the table, equipped with pneumatic flap opening) with very high extraction efficiency. The tables are ready to be connected to a filter and extraction unit or a powerful fan (we can offer one on request).   Movements in the XYZ axes are done by means of 4 powerful motors with feedback, supplemented by gearboxes, combined with precise linear guidance and (bevel) rack gears. The entire structure is designed with an emphasis on simple maintenance and easy, intuitive operation. These cutting portals are primarily designed for cutting material with plasma technology, but can be supplemented with, for example, a flame cutting kit or additional equipment for working with pipes.   The system is equipped with an adaptive control of the height of the torch above the material (THC), active during the burning process.

An integral part of these devices is the safe attachment of the torch using a special holder, which ensures the protection of the torch against its mechanical damage (for example, when the burning material is bumped). With the help of the adjusting screw, the angular rotation of the torch in relation to the divided material can be corrected.

List of basic types of the PROFI line

Type designationDescriptionSuction method
CNC01.3Cutting area 1×2 m, max. load 550 kg/m2sectional, 2 sections
CNC01.1Cutting area 1.5×3 m, max. load 550 kg/m2sectional, 3 sections
CNC01.7Cutting area 2×3 m, max. load 550 kg/m2sectional, 3 sections
CNC01.2Cutting area 2×4 m, max. load 550 kg/m2sectional, 4 sections
CNC01.4Cutting area 2×6 m, max. load 550 kg/m2sectional, 6 sections
Basic types of the PROFI line
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