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Other accessories


WRYKRYS technology program

The technological program WRYKRYS is a widely used tool for creating firing plans. It contains a wide range of macros and functions to prepare the final stage of the firing process. The program includes a modified data output format for ALFATEC tabels.

CNC 08.1
Rotator 6

Rotary axis – ALFATUBECUT

It is an accessory for ALFATEC CNC tables, it cannot be operated independently. The device is designed with an emphasis on simple operation and maintenance (HW and SW) plasma cutting and flame cutting technology can be used. Control is implemented using the CutComp program (joint with the table control). The torch is equipped with material collision monitoring. Setting screws and runners to adapt to different pipe diameters.

80 – 700 mm
Plasma, flame, engraving
approx 250 kg

Accessories for flame burning

This accessory includes all the components to complement the flame cutting technology. For thicker sheets, the energy requirement increases significantly and the price of plasma cutting becomes less favorable. Larger sheet thicknesses are then more suitable to be cut with an acetylene-oxygen flame, where this technology is more advantageous. This accessory includes a cutter with automatic flame ignition, electromagnetic valves, heat shields, SW equipment.

CNC 05
50 – 100 mm depending on the type of table
cutting with oxygen or acetylene

Filtration and extraction units

The workplace for thermal separation of the material can also be equipped with a suction and filter unit. The exhaust and filter unit is intended for exhausting emissions arising during the burning process. The quality of the filter material used allows the filtered air to be returned to the production hall. The filter cartridge cleaning system is automatically controlled by its own control unit based on the size of the pressure drop between the dirty and clean parts of the filter cartridge. The total extracted volume of air is 1250 – 4850 m3/hour, depending on the type of unit. We provide complete installation, commissioning and training.

CNC 04
1250 – 4850 m3/hour depending on the type
Polyester with PTFE membrane
99,99 %
remote control

Remote control

For more convenient work, the device can be supplemented with a remote control (wired or wireless). The remote control module is equipped with magnets (on the bottom and side) for easy attachment to any iron part of the structure.

CNC 19
water separator

Water separator

A very important parameter for ensuring good cutting quality is dry and clean compressed air. The KingAir® separator enables effective removal of water and oil (>99.9999%) regardless of pressure and other impurities up to 0.2 microns in size at 90% efficiency. The separator does not contain any filter inserts, so it has zero operating costs. It is installed directly on the plasma source.